Fifteen years after Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy was introduced to the world, this groundbreaking treatment only reaches a small percentage of people suffering from depression. Two innovators want to change that.

Howard (aka Bobby): 60, Self-employed

I have Tourette’s, anxiety, depression, OCD. I’m a poster boy for mood disorders. I’ve done a lot: medication, exercise, talk therapy, CBT. I’ve been looking for the silver bullet. I’ve always been a catastrophe, but lately I’ve been able to see those thoughts as just thoughts and I managed to come out of my depression and anxiety. That’s when mindfulness started to become really effective. Instead of it being a challenge—something I didn’t look forward to—it became my friend. At some point, I stopped looking for the magic bullet. I have a toolkit.

Is Mindfulness the Future of Therapy? –


Is Mindfulness the Future of Therapy? –

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