Bobby Koven (Krazy) is a high energy character with over 40 years experience in being “the life of the party” and a natural entertainer!

An accomplished entrepreneur at an age of over 60 years old, I want to do what I love, which is make people laugh.

“I’m 60 and I don’t give a shit”

Not true, as I do give a shit.

By using laughter, I believe I can help shorten the journey to feeling better for those with Mental Illness and Mood Disorders.

I am not a doctor, but just a fellow sufferer for over 40 years or perhaps longer (Tourette’s with the Triad OCD, ADD and Anxiety)

I use humor as one of my  tools to help “shorten the journey” to feeling better about oneself..

I am a graduate of the Mood Disorder Association program  Laughing like Crazy.

I have used my humor successfully to combat bullying, mocking and questioning of my “Krazy” Tourette behavior.

Humor includes

  • Playing the piano, doing improv and ad libbing in the form of a song
  • Standup comedy
  • Master of Ceremonies (over 30 years at Beaver Valley Ski Club’s MogulMania)
  • Wild antics on snow skis
  • Singing President of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

Krazy After All These Years

Is it a nickname or a diagnosis?

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