By Mark Collings of Hwy 2 productions and Bobby Koven

I am a standup comedian and a mental health advocate.

Using my unique brand of humour, I try to dispel the myths and smash the misconceptions and prejudices surrounding mental health. There is No Magic Bullet when dealing with mental health, simply hard work, lots of practice, persistence and patience.

I ought to know as I was diagnosed in my early twenties with Tourette’s Syndrome, ’No Magic Bullet’ is my  story via a documentary highlighting how developing a customized ’toolbox’ can significantly  help with your mental health.

I am not a doctor but just a regular guy who suffers and continues to work hard at putting one foot in front of the other each day.

If you or someone you know suffers then this documentary is for you or them.

If with this documentary I can help one person all the time and effort has been worth it.

Thanks for watching and if you can share with anyone who suffers it would be greatly appreciated.

I can be reached at or kovenrobert@gmail .com


Bobby Koven (Krazy) is a high energy character with over 40 years experience in being “the life of the party” and a natural entertainer!

An accomplished entrepreneur at an age of over 60 years old, I want to do what I love, which is make people laugh.

“I’m 60 and I don’t give a shit”

Not true, as I do give a shit.

By using laughter, I believe I can help shorten the journey to feeling better for those with Mental Illness and Mood Disorders.

I am not a doctor, but just a fellow sufferer for over 40 years or perhaps longer (Tourette’s with the Triad OCD, ADD and Anxiety)

I use humor as one of my  tools to help “shorten the journey” to feeling better about oneself..

I am a graduate of the Mood Disorder Association program  Laughing like Crazy.

I have used my humor successfully to combat bullying, mocking and questioning of my “Krazy” Tourette behavior.

Humor includes

  • Playing the piano, doing improv and ad libbing in the form of a song
  • Standup comedy
  • Master of Ceremonies (over 30 years at Beaver Valley Ski Club’s MogulMania)
  • Wild antics on snow skis
  • Singing President of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

Krazy After All These Years

Is it a nickname or a diagnosis?

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