“There Is No Magic Bullet.”

An accomplished business public speaker, I have now turned my attention to the area of Mental Health.

Whether is it is:

  • Fill up your tool box
  • Build your support team – BAST (Bob’s Amazing Support Team)
  • Different from other kids
  • There is no magic bullet
  • Mindfullness (Fly fishing and being mindful)

I use laughter to destymatize, provide “real life” insight, or help explain the challenges of having Mental Health issues.

It is not so much what is said, but how it is said, so that it is engaging while being informative.

The goal is to try and “shorten the journey” for fellow sufferers and their support systems,

Not to suggest a cure. (I am not a doctor or professional just a “Krazy” guy.

Whether it is a “icebreaker” at the beginning or middle of a mental health event, an Annual General Meeting, seminar, conference,  group sessions, fund raiser or networking event I enjoy providing an engaging perspective on

“Laughing is the best medicine.”

Different From The Other Kids Podcast Appearance

Bob recently appeared on the Different From The Other Kids podcast.

Angela welcomes Robert Koven, aka Bobby, stand up comedian and businessman who has spent his life being told he was different. Bobby has a comedic take on life, and walks Angela (and our listeners) through the changes in his life, and how he has used comedy to overcome his struggles. Tune in for this week’s episode for a lighter side of things. Robert was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was younger and has struggled with depression and anxiety. Bobby explains how he’s built his “BAST” (Bobby’s Awesome Support Team), and now teaches a class to help support others with challenges and develop their own comedy routine. Intrigued? Listen to this week’s podcast!

Part One: Episode 34 – Listen

Part Two: Episode 35 – Listen

Part Three: Episode 36 – Listen

Krazy Bob and Angela Discuss Comedy as Tool For Your Mental Health Toolkit

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